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Infidel text-picking solely to belabor believers. A subset of mau-mauing.

This (sigh!) is as good as it gets

The conservative’s side of the United Methodist schism agreement is, alas, as good as it gets. Continue reading

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When politics becomes a religion

Religionized politics bodes to kill us. And it’s substantially based on a lie. Continue reading

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Bearing reality

I anticipated reading in Monday’s newspapers some analysis of how Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s potential corroborating witnesses (those she said were at the party where Brett Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her) have all failed to corroborate anything about the party, including … Continue reading

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Not just another warring Hobbesian voice

Force is not a tool of the Kingdom of God. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 11/7/17

Christian Philosophy Choosing against choice Culture normalizes Thoughts, prayers, tweets Asian Junket Haiku

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Christian Worldview® processing

Christian Worldview® Education Putting Choice First Benedict or Constantine?

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Liberal Protestantism & more

Rod Dreher on liberal protestantism, Thomas Sowell on changes in his lifetime, George Will on questions for SCOTUS nominees, and John McCain tips his hand. Continue reading

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BenOp perception versus reality

Far more Benedict Option buzz today than I can survey, but Andy Crouch may have the pithiest and most timely. Continue reading

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Monday 12/5/16

Full Circle; The ban on Catholic Marriage; Butcher, Baker, Calligrapher; Trump Maximizing Personal Power; Inevitable isn’t what it used to be. Continue reading

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Friday, 11/4/16

Minimal politics. Some mockery in a non-political vein. Continue reading

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