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Tipsy’s 2011 Blogging Statistics

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog. It’s enough to make me keep blogging another year. Here’s an excerpt: The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed … Continue reading

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Church as “public accommodation”?

I knew the logic, so I figured it was coming. I even started writing this blog some months ago. But I was surprised to see it arrive so soon. On Wednesday, two Christian churches filed a lawsuit in Hawaii federal … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Appeal

I’m forever linking to Wikipedia articles when I blog. I’m astonished at the breadth, and sometimes the depth, of its coverage. So each year when Wikipedia fundraising time arrives, I give. Today, I got this e-mail, which speaks for iteself: … Continue reading

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“Most miserable” or “Christian Atheism”?

[N.B.: I inadvertently let a draft of this slip out briefly yesterday, and if you subscribe by RSS feeder, you may have seen it in all its flailing non-sequiturness. I apologize.] I’ve blogged before, more times than I’ll take the … Continue reading

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Dan Terry, R.I.P.

My friend, Greg Kostraba, lost his Dad today at the V.A. Hospital in Danville. Friends losing parents is becoming more frequent, and I’ve felt the cold breath on my own neck a time or two. But I think this is … Continue reading

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Thought crime?

I’ve been suffering a bit of cognitive indigestion, as a cluster of blogs styled “Alternative Right” I’ve begun guardedly following has lobbed a timely but disconcerting claim my way: Ron Paul has a real chance of winning next week’s Iowa caucuses. … Continue reading

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Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

* This always, for some obvious reasons, brings joy to my heart. It also brings a smile to my face. Today is born of a Virgin He who holds the whole creation in His hand. Today is born of a Virgin … Continue reading

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For the Time Being

Last year, I serialized excerpts of W.H. Auden’s Christmas Oratorio, For the Time Being, late in the Nativity Fast/Advent. This year is 100% reprise, but in a single blog rather than serialized. Enjoy! And have a very blessed feast.

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… and nobody came?

What if they gave a Church service and nobody came? To 10% of Protestant Churches, the answer is “preemptively cancel if you think that will happen.” That’s what’s happening this Sunday, as Christmas inconveniently falls on Sunday: Sunday yields to … Continue reading

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Courts decide cases

There’s been considerable buzz about Newt’s dissing of the courts. Here, here and here are three not entirely random examples. I’m annoyed that some critics think it unnecessary to quote what he actually said or to provide context. The closest … Continue reading

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