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New Year’s Eve

The Tragedy of the American Military, solipsistic Christianity, religious humanism, and the retreat of free speech. Continue reading

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Monday, 12/29/14

The Great Hype begins Caution: Hoosier “fine tuner” at work The thing that used to be (Christian) Conservatism The newspaper’s shrinking again Earth defined

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Sunday after Nativity

Pious fiction, falsely asserted as fact, is a damned lie. Pious fiction as fiction can teach us a lot. Continue reading

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Potpourri (if you happen not to be nappin’)

I said my Christmassy things yesterday. Today, a notable potpourri for those not totally somnolent from Christmas feasting. Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 2014

Two on The Incarnation (one’s weird, sick & stupid), one each on eccentricity and on creation and evolution, and two novels contrasted. Continue reading

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For the Time Being, 2014 part 2

A nearer Christmas. More (all the rest of what I’ll share) from this year’s reading of Auden’s For the Time Being. THE THREE WISE MEN: The weather has been awful, The countryside is dreary, Marsh, jungle, rock; and echoes mock, Calling … Continue reading

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For the Time Being, 2014 part 1

It’s nearly Christmas. Time to break out Auden’s For the Time Being. Continue reading

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Sunday before Nativity, 2014

Tipsy makes nice (sincerely) with a Calvinist pastor. Pernicious vainglory. Plus all God’s special Old Testament friends and two trifles. Continue reading

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Thursday, 12/18/14

Fundies, Francis Filtration, Flirting with the attainable & Freedom (x2) Continue reading

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Wednesday, 12/17/14

If all that’s not eternal is eternally out-of-date, this blog is only 20% – 40% out of date. Continue reading

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