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Not the SCOTUS comments you might expect

I’m disappointed at our Supreme Court’s Wednesday decisions, but I’ll not annoy you with my cries de coeur. They’re in my private journal as they occur to me. The Court ruled that Prop 8 proponents were not the right party … Continue reading

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Back to some Tidbits

Decreasing the chance of divorce. Unconvincing analogy. The Exodus-minded anomaly. There’s no such thing as a false feeling. Introvert Manifesto (shhhh!)

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Trash Talk

If someone were to follow me around and record my every word and thought, I suspect I could be proven as guilty as anyone else of gossip and (at least inadvertent) misrepresentation of things I don’t understand. I certainly have … Continue reading

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Makers, fixers, philosophers

Alan Jacobs’ malfunctioning garage door opener, apparently boogered up by a sensor with “no user serviceable parts,” got him to thinking about planned obsolescence, things designed to be thrown away rather than fixed, and some questions someone* suggested should be … Continue reading

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Striking a balance

Perhaps the eager/anxious anticipation of the Supreme Court decisions on California’s Proposition Eight and the Defense of Marriage Act moved Elizabeth Scalia to write about why, confronted with an accusation of hypocrisy by an unknown internet scold, she nevertheless would … Continue reading

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A Joe Sobran Story

In Glen Arbor, Michigan Thursday, I saw Sobran Gallery, and indulged my curiosity, engaging the man who appeared to be the owner: Me: I have to ask this. I’m a great admirer of the late Joseph Sobran, and I know … Continue reading

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What Sunday IS this?

Today is variously Pulpit Freedom Sunday 2013 or, in relevant contrast, the 6th Sunday of Pascha, the “Sunday of the Blind Man.”

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See you in a week or so

Gone having fun

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What would induce me to revert?

My cyberfriend John, a Texan who blogs occasionally (and interestingly) and apparently is half a decade or so younger than I, embraced Orthodoxy at about the same age that I did. Ten years having passed, he published on Tuesday a … Continue reading

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“God terms”

Having yesterday expressed my bafflement at a genre of article after an instantiation thereof appeared at First Things, let me commend R. R. Reno’s “God Terms in Public Life.” It’s not what I thought. It’s better than that. Every culture … Continue reading

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