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Once more, slowly, for the idiots

David French tries to set the record straight on Masterpiece Cakes, scheduled for argument in the Supreme Court Tuesday. Forgive me for starting a piece with the oldest cliché in the practice of law. As the saying goes, “If the … Continue reading

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Thursday, 11/30/17

  Tipsy the Niehburian Pretext: Veritas The Last words of Gary, now an unperson A discrimination law hypothetical Why Jack Phillips should win

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Wednesday, 11/29/17

A potpourri, including some dot-connecting between Roy Moore and the Project Veritas failed sting. Continue reading

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The toxic default to “yes”

Hollywood has the best moral compass, because it has compassion. (Harvey Weinstein, 2009, via Sean O’Neil, We are witnessing Hollywood’s long-overdue moral reckoning) I think it was C.S. Lewis who faulted flippancy for acting as if the joke had already been … Continue reading

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Monday, 11/27/17

A couple of things with a little substance plus some cut-and-paste fun items. Continue reading

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Saturday Potpourri 2

This may mean “no blog tomorrow.” We’ll see. Continue reading

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Saturday, 11/25/17

  The church didn’t fall Encouraging “bad Catholics” to hang in there Succinct Verbose Pity the lawyers

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“Maybe I should publish my longer muses individually,” I said to myself. Continue reading

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Who were the Pilgrims?

I had forgotten that I followed @Senghendrake on Twitter for some reason. Hmmmm. I’ll bet this was the reason: 16th century: any man can be a priest. 18th century: any man can be a king. 21st century: any man can be … Continue reading

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Tryptophan reading

The stuff I omitted in this morning’s post. Continue reading

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