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Double standards

Double standards from our illiberal elites and the coming end of confidence in truth. Continue reading

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Potpourri 3/28/17

Traveling with remarkably little time for reading or blogging. Continue reading

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Half-hearted creatures

“We are half-hearted creatures,” C.S. Lewis wrote. Today’s blog is, I think, one of my best. Continue reading

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AHCA Supplement

Fixin’ to travel. Gotta comment on Thursday’s AHCA developments. Continue reading

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“Nothing. (Plus tax cuts.)”

Conservatives don’t know what they stand for. Schumer hasn’t got a clue. Nobody reads the classics. Trying to make reality optional. And poco progress at TV-18. That’s about it. Continue reading

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Catechizing truth & falsehood

Practices can catechize – for better or worse. Princeton Seminary today would deny Kuyper the Kuyper Award. More. Continue reading

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Who’s inside that body?

I was a little light yesterday. Today I was overwhelmed. Continue reading

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Happiness Index & misc.

Pretty uninspired miscellany. On the other hand, they’re brief. Maybe one will inspire you. Continue reading

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When “autonomy” is a rhetorical ruse

Autonomy as rhetorical ruse, agnotology’s modern avatar, SPLC’s bigoted blacklist, and more, including my expectations from The Benedict Option. Continue reading

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Liberal Protestantism & more

Rod Dreher on liberal protestantism, Thomas Sowell on changes in his lifetime, George Will on questions for SCOTUS nominees, and John McCain tips his hand. Continue reading

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