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Saturday, 1/30/15

Free speech for me. Thee I’m not so sure about “Wilsonian” is not a compliment Great leap forward?: Dying (and killing) for “democracy” Tax bias, mansplaining and Otherkins

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Friday, 1/30/15

Those who think the game “Telephone” is religiously illuminating are apt to think that July 4 is a Holy Day. Continue reading

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Thursday, 1/29/15

How to unmanipulate an economy Maybe he needed two steps back The least bad choice? Christophobia on frequent parade Authenticity’s everything. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made Gay Bob, Christian Bob, perceptive Noah Shameless Hugh Bait You’re … Continue reading

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Wednesday, 1/28/15

I noticed that I was running long on religion, short on politics, so I moved the politics to a separate, forthcoming blog. This one’s all religious topics, should that be a particular turn-on or turn-off for you. Called to be … Continue reading

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Sunday, 1/25/15

Religiously neutral and scientific? You can’t fight something with nothing GOP to Pro-Lifers: take this bone and go away Rethinking marriage at retail Made for Paradise as deer for the forest

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Sentimental Journeymen

There are two essential harms from [physician-assisted suicide]. First: Once doctors agree to assist a person’s suicide, ultimately they find it difficult to reject anyone who seeks their services. The killing of patients by doctors spreads to encompass many treatable … Continue reading

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I too have a dream

I’ve been waiting for years for some state legislator to give this speech when the baying hounds are out, howling “Unconstitutional!” about some state Bill: I took an oath upon entering office to uphold the Constitutions of the United States … Continue reading

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Friday, 1/23/15

Je suis un nihiliste Semitic Code Talkers The whisper, not the shout Just a different kind of authoritarianism The rhetoric of inevitability Head up, heels down A Culture of Millstones “Shut up,” he explained

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On refusing to take “yes” for an answer

[W]hether the top marginal federal income-tax rate is 39.5 percent or 34 percent, life will go on. Life goes on, except when it doesn’t. I never went through any naturalization ceremony — if I wasn’t an American the minute before … Continue reading

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Wednesday, 1/21/15

Persistence of caste in India; emergence of observant Christians as our new low caste; conservatism’s two castes; Plus Pope channels Veep and the managerial notion of a “successful parish.” Continue reading

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