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Friday, 2/28/14

Lots of good essays encountered on SSM, including two that surprised me with insights I’d not encountered before (Queering the Marriage Debate and Argumentum ad ickyum). All this and (1) Kristoff on sex trafficking and (2) how Undue Purversity is setting itself up for a legal fall. Continue reading

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Thursday, 2/27/14

The Kennan Diaries WEIRD Culture – nothing more provincial Ambivalence about Ukraine New! From The Algorithms of Rationalizing apostasy Almost agreeing with Peter Singer

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Wednesday, 2/26/14

Putin phobia yields a nice one-liner What War Hath Wrought Star in a Bottle Last Freedom unleashes backlash Elites and Populists Eat your way Saved Too much nice-nice, too little tut-tut

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Tuesday, 2/25/14

I do/I don’t The Last Freedom The Thing That Used to Be A Conservative Think Tank Whatever you do, care News? Or Revelation? Whom then shall I fear?

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Monday, 2/24/14

Still looking for a traditionalist leader Sexist political journalism “After-Birth Abortion” Thou shalt walk in my shoes Stereotype Breaker

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Sunday 2/23/14

Does “hell” turn your thoughts toward ontology? On the right side of eternity Columnist compares gays to murderers!

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Saturday Potpourri, 2/22/14

Capitalism for the Masses Slogans Have Consequences Religion in Public Affairs Words to Live By Alternate Lifestyles Celebrating Kristallnacht

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Potpourri, 2/21/14

So many frauds, so little time Dissing Rube Goldberg WSJ thinks it’s still 1988 Banning gay marriage? E-MASQL8 PLUS Paranoid and “on the wrong side of history” to boot

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Potpourri 1/20/14

Between the lines “No liturgical form can save us,” but … Sheer philosophical genius Summers on Inequality Rome coulda been a contenda Straining at gnats When is the Bible not the Bible?

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PDs and Greedy Cowboys

Why aren’t Public Defenders funded as well as Prosecutors? Continue reading

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