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Fr. Stephen snippets

It is … difficult for those in the middle-class to understand the reason Christ would have pointed to the poor (with their seeming lack of virtue) so approvingly. Why should the entrance into the Kingdom be easier for them? The question … Continue reading

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White man speak with forked tongue

Some religious liberty groups are sitting out the “travel ban” case. I think they’re right, and that Christian Legal Society and National Association of Evangelicals summarize why they’re right: The CLS and NAE said the courts should decide whether the government … Continue reading

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Evangelicals and Trump

When Trump shows up and is happy to speak the language of apocalyptic pessimism, and promises to protect the evangelicals who feel besieged, they back him in droves. (The Christian Humanist Podcast discussing Michael Gerson’s The Last Temptation) I appreciate … Continue reading

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A weird little lawsuit

American Atheists today filed a lawsuit in the Common Pleas Court of Lake County, Ohio, alleging that a developmentally disabled child was forcibly baptized against the expressed wishes of his parents by a minister and a court-approved “Big Brother” mentor. … Continue reading

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Vigilance or flippancy?

William McGurn, one of the Wall Street Journal writers whose basic worldview seems to be in line with mine, did not cover himself with glory today. Though he had some valid points, … Let us stipulate that Donald Trump is … Continue reading

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I’ve got my absentee GOP ballot to complete before travel, but the choices this season seem harder than usual. For Prosecutor, maybe I’m rationalizing, but the challenger appears to have made one promise of substance: to file charges anytime the … Continue reading

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The secret of Dreherbait revealed

Rod opens up about his fear of racialized mobs. Continue reading

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Heckfire and Brimstone

Twice this week, I caught snippets of NPR or APR stories about a Pentecostal preacher who stopped believing in hell. Or maybe it was a single story, replayed, and I caught different snippets. As Rob Bell discovered, getting squishy about … Continue reading

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Christianity Today features an article titled “Why God Still Works Through Fools Like Samson.” The very timing of the article hints that many CT readers recognize a particular prominent person (who shall be unnamed by me as he was by … Continue reading

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Personal French phase book

Preparing for some travel in France soon, and adding practical sentences to my academic French study, I’ve been frustrated at the paucity of truly useful phrases. So I’ve assembled my own phrase book: Je voyage seul parce que ma femme … Continue reading

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