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Evangelical and anti-semitic

I learned from George Yancey Tuesday or Wednesday that the murderer at the Chabad of Poway synagogue was the exception that tests the rule: a Church-going Evangelical who commits an ideology-driven crime. For decades, the commentariat has blamed conservative Christians … Continue reading

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Heckfire and Brimstone

Twice this week, I caught snippets of NPR or APR stories about a Pentecostal preacher who stopped believing in hell. Or maybe it was a single story, replayed, and I caught different snippets. As Rob Bell discovered, getting squishy about … Continue reading

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St. John the Almsgiver, 2017

Obviously, these prophets didn’t understand Contemning “thoughts and prayers” The last idol still standing Historical Ignorance, Moral Arrogance Absolute passion, utter fragility John the Merciful

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Go easy on thy neighbor

Pretty heavy of religion comment today. Continue reading

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Saturday, 11/15/14

I’m kind of proud of this diverse collection today. Continue reading

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Lord’s Day 10/20/13

Evangelical Liberalism Of Angels, Men and Beasts A marriage much in need of divorce Truth and Beauty

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Thursday, 10/3/13

Op Ed Heartless rigor? You say “Potayto” … Tie bars why? Bread and Circuses Petri dishes and baby markets Jewish assimilation

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Wednesday July 31, 2013

Petitio Principii And tied with a bow Continuous partial attention Giving snake oil salesmen a bad name Worship versus Spectacle

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My hope sometimes trumps my experience. I really don’t care for sports any more. When I was young and foolish, I was young and foolish. I weep at concerts. I am, relatively speaking, a real blue nose these days. I … Continue reading

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eating Crow. Defining “Evangelical.” Lighter blogging in the forecast.

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