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Tuesday Bonus 2/1/17

Although I’ve resolved to try focusing on enduring things, it’s hard to ignore events unlike anything in my lifetime, including the Provocateur-in-Chief. Herewith, eight politically tainted items. Continue reading

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Tuesday 1/31/17

“Undocumented”; Professor Daniel Gordon, not deranged; A greater enemy of the truth than lies; = 1000 words; Why Trump likes Bannon; Blocking the exits Continue reading

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Monday 1/30/17

I apologize, right out of the gate, at fully five items that are quite political. Skip to number 6 if you’ve already shut down emotionally from all the shrillness. Continue reading

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Sunday 1/29/17

Bodily Exercise; Exclusive Interview with Jesus!; The Despised God; Modernity as Religion Continue reading

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Saturday 1/28/17

Principalities and Powers First-class, primo political pocket-picking Publish in haste, repent, repent, repent, repent at leisure Pat Buchanan #Fail 1 in 4, give or take several orders of magnitude Just listen, jerkheads Dead, not vulgar, shoddy and debased A little … Continue reading

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Friday 1/27/17

The Trump Do-Si-Do; Threatened by illusion; Self-infatuated huckster hairdo Milo Continue reading

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Wednesday 1/25/17

Testing a theory: Day 1 — How to Vet a Judge — Guaranteed Pure — News of the Weird — The Left needs adversaries on the Left Continue reading

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Tuesday 1/24/17

Nothing earth-shattering today, but in every Administration, the citizen must guard his soul. Continue reading

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Monday, 1/23/17

Shaming; Relationship vs. Communion; The Church is a Hospital; What Three Crimes Today at the Times?; Sean Spicer’s Hostage Video; Sinister & Ludicrous; Reality TV Presidency; A really ugly fad Continue reading

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Sataurday 1/21/17

The Class Clown Repents “Leading from behind” Tribalism on Parade What I did at the Inauguration The scholarly reading audience My Man Mitch

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