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The most radical guy in the race

I’m going to take the liberty (you can’t stop me) of pulling some quotes from David Brooks but re-arranging them. Only 18 percent of Americans say the federal government does the right thing most or nearly all of the time. … Continue reading

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A lousy way to govern a hegemon

The pain of listening to Congress questioning Mike Pompeo. Continue reading

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Making a spectacle of yourself

“Making a spectacle of yourself” has been re-branded. Continue reading

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Just too freaky?

Fr. Lawrence Farley responds irenically to a self-described “freak” who nonetheless finds headscarves on young women in church just too freaky: [T]hese women’s use of the veil serves to differentiate them from the secular world around them. In the days … Continue reading

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St. Basil the Great on Clergy Sexual Abuse

St. Basil the Great has a great suggestion for Pope Francis. Don’t hold your breath. Continue reading

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Hauerwasian “modernity” today

“… no story except the story they choose when they have no story.” Continue reading

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Role call for the Seven Deadlies

What think ye of The Donald? Whose son is he? Continue reading

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Trimmer callout

In foreign policy at least, Donald Trump is playing autocrat. What are we going to do about it? Continue reading

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Zombie Reaganism lives

Proof once again that it’s surprisingly hard to think outside the box. Continue reading

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Plus ça change …

Anti-Catholicism never really seems to die in Protestantish America Continue reading

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