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Reformation day dissent

The Reformers’ errant anthropology and resultant worship and even architectural novelties produced a substantially new and novel religion … Continue reading

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Sunday 10/30/16

Immortality of the Soul? — Doing God’s heavy lifting for him — “Changing history” — The Al Smith Dinner — Erasmus, Moore, Dreher and Libresco — Gospel plagiarizes The Matrix Continue reading

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Friday 10/28/16

Economics and politics. Nothing earth-shattering. Continue reading

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Thursday 10/27/16

New! Improved! 50% more items than usual! Continue reading

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Wednesday 10/26/16

“Highest and Best” – A sickly sub-pagan state – Liberal ultramontanism – BLM – More than a little ironic – Religious Right: theological liberals – Jack Chick, RIP Continue reading

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Monday 10/24/16

As sympathetic to Trump’s candidacy as any blog yet. Continue reading

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Sunday 10/23/16

Good without God? Tipsy’s “Evangelicalism” Category gets a meaningful name change. And, of course, dread political hypocrisy and corruption. Continue reading

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Friday evening, 10/21/16

Which God don’t you believe in? Shoring up The Imperium Lumpy. That’s what we are. An unexpectedly Safe (Internet) Space Realism versus Ideology Never say die Sane Donald Judicial Confirmation Question #1

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Friday Supplement

Just when I finished up a ten-item blog and turned to Facebook, another comes up. Continue reading

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Friday 10/21/16

My sabbatical reminds me that some things are primary, others aren’t. But I’m still a citizen, hence back to work. Continue reading

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