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Present obsessions

Coronavirus seems to dominate the news and now is beginning to dominate our tribal animosities, but don’t forget Michael Flynn. 1 Some fascinating insights by one of Rod Dreher’s readers: [B]ecause conservatives aren’t interested in environmental policy, public health, etc., … Continue reading

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How I spent an unseasonably cold and damp day. Continue reading

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Cultural Liturgies

We are bad at enough stuff and have a history sufficiently marked with sorrow to create fertile ground for repentance. We lack the humility to greet it. Continue reading

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Sneaky buggers

Overheard (after a fashion): Did you know that Greyhouse was a Christian coffee house? No! Shouldn’t they warn people?! That one gets better after it (tea warning) steeps a while (end tea warning). * * * * * Some succinct … Continue reading

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Friday, 12/8/17

Where nothing’s in common Changing the Context Why we’re not solving Weinsteinism “Ladies and Gentlemen …” A masterpiece on Masterpiece Motivated reasoning makes people stupid Unprecedented

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Tuesday, 10/17/17

Expanding “harm” Don’t let them play you The new values of “Values Voters”

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Saturday, 9/16/17

Integrity America’s Implicit Gnosticism Hillary indwells the Handmaid’s Tale The Trumpsters’ legitimate case Sullivan on Manning Hamlet on Wonder  

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Potpourri 7/19/17

No real common theme that I can see. Just six (or eight, depending how you count) noteworthies. Continue reading

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Albert Mohler and his guests

More excerpts and reflections from Albert Mohler’s fine “Thinking in Public” podcast. Continue reading

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What liturgy’s forming you?

The common saying has it ack-bassward. What liturgy is forming you? Trump’s Syria hypocrisy. More. Continue reading

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