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Surveillance capitalism creeps me out. I don’t control my lights, door locks, or anything else by speaking commands to my 1st-generation Amazon Echo. Indeed, I shut the microphone off about a year ago and I only use it like a … Continue reading

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Sunday, 9/17/17

Game faces for the big 500th Is the putative effect really the cause? Nutrient collapse Dare ESPN discipline? Free speech’s cost Conservative Dungeons & Dragons Retweetable

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Mélange 7/6/17

Wretched excess in America; Due process banished from campus; The Return of Angelism; Race and IQ. Continue reading

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I blame Trump

“… would you not think that in that country something had gone wrong with the appetite for food?” Continue reading

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A world out of joint

What is it with me, vacation and dystopia? Two efforts to suppress free speech. And making misfits in a world out of joint. Continue reading

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Three unbelievable stories. We. Are. Doomed. Continue reading

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Thursday 1/5/17

Points for integrity, anyway Virginitas in partu? ConLawProf’s Ironic Legacy What Trial Lawyers Know That Ubiquitous Resolution Wendell Berry’s hierarchy of evil Taking the Federalist Cure

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Wednesday 12/28/16

Conformity; The Temptation of Every Civilization; Them wicked crackers are at it again; Christmas Scandals now and then Continue reading

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Feast of St. Stephen

Middle East Christians; How dare a Baptist spokesman have integrity?; How muddy are the waters now?; Obama’s Russia Record; Racist Cracker Litmus Test; Potability Report Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 2016

Kristof and Keller; Pieper on Sophistry; Joel Salatin’s Benediction; Unpollable; Zero-Sum America Continue reading

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