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“I dont care what anyone else thinks.”

I found myself in a situation recently where I found myself thinking “I don’t care what anyone else thinks.” And then I thought “someone might consider that sentiment arrogant,” and I had to decide whether it was arrogant, because that’s … Continue reading

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Evangelical Politics (and Faith?), 2012

I’ve already Tweeted and Facebooked it, but the Washington Post’s Michael Gerson has an excellent lament on the state of religion in politics – particularly GOP politics – in 2012. 

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Has the Sexual Revolution been good for women?

Sometimes I write to see what I think. I’m pretty sure I know what I think – or at least what my gut tells me – on the subject at hand (Has the Sexual Revolution been good for women?), but four pieces … Continue reading

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The Real HHS Issues: A Personal Account

I’m quite frustrated at the public discussion of the HHS mandate: that all employers, with a few narrow exceptions, if they offer health insurance to employees at all, provide coverage for abortifacients Plan B and Ella (and, yes, contraceptives and sterilization), with … Continue reading

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CLS and Orthodoxy

I had a little late-afternoon e-mail exchange, which began laconically (for me) but ended a lot more intentionally. 

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