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A belated anniversary notice

My blog title change, and acknowledgement of the blog’s evolved focus, wasn’t timed this way, but this is, coincidentally, 9 years and 1 day after I began blogging here. Some things remain the same: I’m still a big fan of … Continue reading

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Too darned much about Kentucky

The Lincoln Memorial three-way kerfuffle continues to ramify and to generate charges and counter-charges. It’s hard to shake. Continue reading

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Catching up with Kunstler

For a while, I tired of James Howard Kunstler’s blog and stopped following it. Maybe it was because he focused so much on Democrat wrongdoing against Donald Trump, which seemed very odd — and which has not ceased. But I … Continue reading

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Just a few things I picked up. Continue reading

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Eulogies that sting

I was cool toward the Presidency of George H.W. Bush and I still am. Add to that my personal lacuna about role of ritual and ceremony, and I was left blind-sided by all the (seemingly disproportionate) fuss over George Herbert … Continue reading

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Clearing the clipboard

I’ll be very busy for the next ten day so I’m clearing my clipboard:

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Disrupting Goëbbels’ lunch

So: what if this is “literally Hitler” in the 20s and 30s? Continue reading

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Spiking the ball

Long time since I just aggregated tweets and short quotes. Continue reading

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Tangential Miscellany

1 Riveted by the proceedings, I felt at times I should have looked away rather than play voyeur to the humiliation of two fine people — stripped of dignity and emotionally exposed before the world. Kathleen Parker. This was a … Continue reading

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Bearing reality

I anticipated reading in Monday’s newspapers some analysis of how Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s potential corroborating witnesses (those she said were at the party where Brett Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her) have all failed to corroborate anything about the party, including … Continue reading

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