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New York adventures and thoughts

Geezer Roger, unlike prime-of-life Roger, is perfectly satisfied with “nice place to visit.” Continue reading

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A belated anniversary notice

My blog title change, and acknowledgement of the blog’s evolved focus, wasn’t timed this way, but this is, coincidentally, 9 years and 1 day after I began blogging here. Some things remain the same: I’m still a big fan of … Continue reading

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Too darned much about Kentucky

The Lincoln Memorial three-way kerfuffle continues to ramify and to generate charges and counter-charges. It’s hard to shake. Continue reading

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Catching up with Kunstler

For a while, I tired of James Howard Kunstler’s blog and stopped following it. Maybe it was because he focused so much on Democrat wrongdoing against Donald Trump, which seemed very odd — and which has not ceased. But I … Continue reading

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Just a few things I picked up. Continue reading

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Eulogies that sting

I was cool toward the Presidency of George H.W. Bush and I still am. Add to that my personal lacuna about role of ritual and ceremony, and I was left blind-sided by all the (seemingly disproportionate) fuss over George Herbert … Continue reading

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Clearing the clipboard

I’ll be very busy for the next ten day so I’m clearing my clipboard:

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Disrupting Goëbbels’ lunch

So: what if this is “literally Hitler” in the 20s and 30s? Continue reading

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Spiking the ball

Long time since I just aggregated tweets and short quotes. Continue reading

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Tangential Miscellany

1 Riveted by the proceedings, I felt at times I should have looked away rather than play voyeur to the humiliation of two fine people — stripped of dignity and emotionally exposed before the world. Kathleen Parker. This was a … Continue reading

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