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My blog runneth over

Our death-dealing cold in the Midwest (I expect deaths before this is published) is a good excuse to stay inside, imbibing coffee and bourbon, reading, and even thinking. Okay, the bourbon is purely notional until the sun’s below the yardarm … Continue reading

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Europe, Political Parties

Some original content for a change — not that there’s anything wrong with compiling worthy snippets and links, mind you. Continue reading

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Potpourri 1/29/19

It’s too early to pick a President for 2020, but some possibilities are less terrifying than others. Continue reading

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Clippings from 1/27/19

Clipped Sunday, some late. Covington is the non-story that just keeps on giving. Continue reading

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Too darned much about Kentucky

The Lincoln Memorial three-way kerfuffle continues to ramify and to generate charges and counter-charges. It’s hard to shake. Continue reading

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Clippings and comment, 1/22/19 pm

1 David Brooks: [I]n the age of social media [polarization is] almost entirely about social type. It’s about finding and spreading the viral soap operas that are supposed to reveal the dark hearts of those who are in the opposite … Continue reading

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When SCOTUS reverses Roe

Michael Gerson ponders “The Trumpification of the pro-life movement” and how it “exacts a price”: [I]f the overturn or revision of Roe comes, it will almost certainly return greater flexibility to states regarding the regulation of abortion. This will kindle … Continue reading

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Clips and comments, 1/22/19

Burying the dead, When Death Comes, Death of Christian Culture … I’m really not death-obsessed. It just happened. Continue reading

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There’s an important update to yesterday’s blog. I spread a likely false and credulous story, so I need to correct it. * * * * * Follow me on, too, where I blog tweet-like shorter items and … well, … Continue reading

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Potpourri, 1/19/19

Trump and his defenders, Trump’s eventuality, and more uplifting things. Continue reading

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