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A Counterculture of Modesty

From The Guardian, a book review titled The first sexual revolution: lust and liberty in the 18th century, begins with an unqualified assumption: We believe in sexual freedom. We take it for granted that consenting men and women have the … Continue reading

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Socrates meets A Street Preacher

Street preacher: Are you saved? Socrates: What do you mean by “saved”?

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MED Christianity

Last year, I read Timothy Ferris’ new book, The Four-Hour Body. He’s a fan of the idea of the minimum effective dose (MED): “the smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome.” He applies it to things like time in … Continue reading

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When 140 characters isn’t enough

I’ve had a slow-motion Tweet exchange going with a local newspaper editor this afternoon. I think we may be talking past each other due to the 140 character limit on Twitter.

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GOP Endorsement

Okay, the title’s misleading. I’ve repudiated the GOP (without embracing the Democrats – which I won’t do as long as the sexual revolution has pride of place in their platform), and I’m not likely to endorse anyone, but I write to … Continue reading

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True Religion, False Religion

Wow! Father Andrew Stephen Damick sure knows stumbled onto how to drive up blog traffic! The Contemporary Christian Music equivalency tables probably say “If you like Eminem, you might like  Jefferson Bethke.” Said Bethke perpetrated a YouTube rap/rant titled “Why I Hate Religion, But Love … Continue reading

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Insouciant Radicals

I have mentioned fairly recently the work of Evangelical Daniel Clendenin in understanding Orthodoxy and explaining it to his fellow Evangelicals. I discovered Sunday afternoon that I actually had retained a copy of  (and a link to) his “Why I’m … Continue reading

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Do not trust the press on religious topics

The Pope thinks the family is based on the marriage of a man and a woman. He is against divorce. He is against intentional marital infertility. He is against adultery. I don’t have links, but could probably find proof that he … Continue reading

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Calvinism in the wild

A few weeks ago, tracking back from his blog on 8 Gnostic Myths, I became acquainted with Robin Phillips, a very interesting blogger on Christian subjects of more enduring interest than which heretic or con man is predicting the end … Continue reading

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A few kind words for Santorum

I have been a very big fan of Rick Santorum in the past, but life moves on, circumstances change, nuances emerge from shadows as light shifts — pick your figure of speech.

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