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Tuesday, 6/30/15

On last week’s OTHER big disappointment to many, some around (not on) the “marriage” decision, and the conceit of sola scriptura. Continue reading

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Sunday afternoon, 6/28/15

Modest contributions to the discussion on marriage in America now, plus three other items. Continue reading

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Preliminary thoughts on the putsch

SCOTUS doubles down on dignity Justice Kennedy’s mish-mash American Samizdat Where from here for Churches?

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Friday, 6/26/15

Mostly sharing the bon mots of others – Chesteron, Robert Penn Warren, Walker Percy — even Rod Dreher Continue reading

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Wednesday, 6/24/15

Laudato Si praised and panned, Tipsy’s sub-Beta Epitaph, and more. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 6/23/15

Why the Charleston shooting haunts Authority and credibility Signs of bankruptcy Complete fools and their child props ABTD Get Cloak and stop taking dumb advice

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Father’s Day

Heart of a Father The World’s Most Important Mother

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The insoluble problem behind gay “marriage”

I’m in awe of Brendan O’Neil’s Spiked piece, The Trouble With Gay Marriage. At first, I thought I could add nothing, and truly I can’t add much bulk. But I think I can domesticate some of his examples, and tell … Continue reading

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Friday, 6/19/15

Maybe this trends a little bit grim, but if you’re not a little bit grim these days, you’re not paying attention. Continue reading

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Wednesday 6/18/15

You can’t un-see it Craven Bastard Update Bernie Sanders takes off Masters of the Cosmos

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