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Great and Holy Friday 2016

Sober political questions and a hymn far older than our problems. Continue reading

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Thursday, 4/28/16

Links to three of my favorite posts, calling for the end to a racket, finding the porn ghost in a cosmetic surgery story, and my “just leave us alone” leanings. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 4/27/16

Pygmalion in Politics, Secular dogmas, Secular conservatives, Virtue Signaling on potties. What only reactionaries can see, and more. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 4/26/16

False narratives. Frank & Bart do Lesbos. Things Bonhoeffer never said. More. Continue reading

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Sunday, 4/24/16

“The humanities have had 23 good centuries. Why are you so greedy all of a sudden? Just because you happened to come along at the end of it all?” Continue reading

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Friday, 4/22/16

Matt Walsh on a common political canard, our needed new foreign alliance, the whole sexual revolution in a cad’s tweet, and more. Continue reading

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Thursday, 4/21/16

Educating barbarians, incompetent hoaxters, bad (and unnecessary) translation, choosing gender and a little more. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 4/20/16

Naked Emperors, talking asses, transparently “transphobic,” “stealing” nominations fair and square, offending suburban insensibilities and more. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 4/19/16

Mild provocation of Tokers and Trumpistas, but mostly meandering. Continue reading

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Total Potpourri 4/17/16

Total Potpourri. It may LOOK like I decided to have a “Bash Trump” theme, but apart from swapping article order, it’s just what I’ve found interesting. Sorry to intrude politics this Sunday. Continue reading

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