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Escape from ennui

[A]s James Baldwin put it, Americans were “afflicted by the world’s highest standard of living and what is probably the world’s most bewilderingly empty way of life.” (Pankaj Mishra, America, From Exceptionalism to Nihilism) That quote was new to me, … Continue reading

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Sciencey prestige

We live in a world in which data convey authority. But authority has a way of descending to certitude, and certitude begets hubris. From Robert McNamara to Lehman Brothers to Stronger Together, cautionary tales abound. We ought to know this … Continue reading

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Lucky in his enemies

Just two shortish items today. Continue reading

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Dreher the Nominalist?

Busy week. Light blogging today. Continue reading

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Go easy on thy neighbor

Pretty heavy of religion comment today. Continue reading

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The return of Debbie Downer

I was kind of a “Debbie Downer” yesterday, wasn’t I? Well hold on. It may get worse. Writing of Amazon killing Big Box which killed Mom & Pop, and what peril that leaves us in, made me reflect once again … Continue reading

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The Problem with …

The Problems with: both Liberalism and Conservatism; both Big Boxes and Amazon; religious/ethnic markers. Continue reading

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A tale of two (learned) men

It’s infamously hard  to get a man to agree to something if his paycheck depends on it being false

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Benedict Option too tame?

Is the Benedict Option not radical enough arising from Dreher’s own confusion of purposes? Three more. Continue reading

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Summa contra Stetzer

Very happy to share the first two items, both of which are important in different ways. Skip the rest if you must. Continue reading

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