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Sunday, 9/28/14

The weird anti-vaccine fad An odd, off-putting contraception analogy Happy and stupid if not fat What’s wrong with manly Christianity? Religious progressives now as sex-fixated as Democrats

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Friday, 9/26/14

Karen Armstrong and Tipsy call “Bullshit” on a slothful and slimy slanders, respectively, as Berkeley honors free speech by statues, plaques and suppression of thoughtcrime, and a charter school bans a historic book. Sigh. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 9/24/14

Oh, mon dieu! Where’s Jesus buried? Trick question. NYT fails. Reader’s choice. A victim of gay marriage steps forward Culture pollution

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Sunday, 9/21/14

“What is the point of reading about the adventures of Rat and Mole in The Wind in the Willows when you could be reading President Obama’s Executive Order 13423 instead?” Continue reading

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Friday, 9/19/14

Palestinian Christians, all the way back Whittaker Chambers explains the fall of Rome Religious Freedom, Indivisible Intrepid Journalist in the cesspool Miley, Nicki and the NFL Too small for a republic, too big for an asylum

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Wednesday, 9/17/14

I couldn’t possibly surpass Monday’s high dudgeon, so I didn’t try. I’m even a little irenic today. Continue reading

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“Cheer me or die”: Cruz to swarthy pseudo-Christians

Ted Cruz’s dispensationalism? Incorrigible heresy.
Evangelical worship (generally speaking)? Eroticized narcissism. Continue reading

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Thinking some more about contraception

I’ve been thinking more about Elizabeth Anscombe’s 1972 Contraception and Chastity, which I first blogged about recently. I’ve reached a few conclusions, which may be waystations rather than places to settle. Continue reading

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Ted Cruz is a demagogic ass

I remember when my wife and I began worshiping with the Maronites in Brooklyn back in 1999. It struck me one day that these people’s ancestors in Lebanon were worshiping Jesus Christ when my ancestors back in northern Europe were … Continue reading

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Thursday, 9/11/14

Slow blogging, but a few good things have come up since last we met. Continue reading

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