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Declaration of Dependence

Holy smokes! I wasn’t going to stop to blog today, the Monday of Holy Week in Orthodoxy, when there will be too little time for professional duties. But this is too good not do share. Scott Galupon on The Blind … Continue reading

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Paraphrasing Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon, nobody reads monk Peter Abelard’s theology today, though he was “the keenest thinker and boldest theologian of the 12th Century” and people flocked to him and, so to speak, threw money at him to teach … Continue reading

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Manufactured Outrage

There is a manufactured outrage circulating at Purdue University. Perhaps it was an hysterical personality, rather than actual malice, that started it. The words “White Power” were found on a mirror in the Black Cultural Center. This led to major … Continue reading

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Terrorism Not Terrorism

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The Opposite of War…

The Opposite of War Interspecies “love” Thanks for the tender solicitude

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Dubious Solidarity, Struggling Journalism

“A means of solidarity” Evolving the news

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Wash, rinse, repeat

Big corporations misbehave. Government responds with Byzantine regulations. Small businesses can’t afford to comply and are driven out of business. Big corporations get even bigger – obscenely big, too big to fail, even. Obscenely big corporations misbehave. Wash, rinse, repeat. Is … Continue reading

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2 with Islam links

Islam versus Christianity Old sweaters and hard cases

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Sex and Cosmology

I don’t know when Rod Dreher sleeps. He must read and write about 22 hours a day. He’s currently on a book tour – ten cities in eleven days – while suffering mono.

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Eccentric politics

The Emperor’s New Clothes A Little Personal Perspective AgGag Science Beyond Materialism

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