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Feast of Ss. Peter & Paul

With our Best and Brightest (who share 98% of the DNA of lemmings) suffering craniorectal inversion syndrome, we are doomed to the cliff. Continue reading

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Thursday, 6/26/14

Spectator Sports and Pornography Explicit consent? Ted Cruz sleeps with The Enemy Chastity Connoisseurs Isolated in a religious homeland My lonely Wednesday My historical comeuppance

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The mask becomes the face

If the mask becomes the face, into what will the Mormon mask of “mere Christianity” shape its face? Continue reading

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What Hubris Hath Wrought: ISIS and a Christian-Free Iraq

Christianity in Iraq did not survive the war the imperial Christian hegemon, led by a conservative Christian king, threw at Iraq in the name of democracy. Continue reading

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Monday, 6/23/14

The umbrella of nominalism versus realism brings some order to what threatened becoming a hodge-podge. Continue reading

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Happy Summer!

Let me be the first to wish you “Happy Summer.” I don’t care what the meteorologists say: Summer arrives June 21. I learned that in school. So there! Continue reading

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Friday, 6/20/14

“Creation” versus “Nature,” Cromwell wannabes, Godwin’s Law, Christian chain letters and three or four others along the way. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 6/17/14

Conservative Punditry Today How Could Anything Go Wrong? Offensive Public Displays Terry Gross: “Grovel, Hillary” Marriage? or More “Masculine” Activities? Rosemary Wood and Lois Lerner

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Wednesday, 6/11/14

Let’s Party! LGBWhat? Vignettes Westboro Village Atheist

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Snippets (on Pentecost, coincidentally)

Confirmation bias? Intentionality > Consumerism? Transcribing, regurgitating and learning Free Enterprise® The greatest legacy Chivalry, Barbarianism and Neurosis Did it not always fall on Sunday, Pentecost would probably be as poorly attended as Ascension.

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