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Should a fascist poet be no-platformed?

W.H. Auden helped change Bennett Cerf’s mind about Ezra Pound. Continue reading

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Clips and comments, 1/22/19

Burying the dead, When Death Comes, Death of Christian Culture … I’m really not death-obsessed. It just happened. Continue reading

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Rediscovering imaginary Mary

It’s Advent, drawing nigh to Christmas, so religion writers turn in desperation for new angles, giving this fan of the old angles an occasional case of the heebie-jeebies. For instance, there’s something weird and a little creepy about Evangelicals trying … Continue reading

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Potpourri, 12/14/18

Variety, including explicit politics at the end. Continue reading

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Potpourri, 11/15/18

1 I never really kissed dating goodbye as a teenager in the mid-2000s — to be honest, I was pretty late in kissing it hello. But like many who were brought up in contact with evangelical culture, I absorbed its … Continue reading

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Observations on Orthodoxy

Poet Scott Cairns reflects on Orthodoxy. Continue reading

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The Hermetic Decalogue

If he would leave the self alone, Apollo’s welcome to the throne, Fasces and falcons; He loves to rule, has always done it; The earth would soon, did Hermes run it, Be like the Balkans. But jealous of our god … Continue reading

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World Poetry Day

Rod Dreher has asked readers to submit favorite poems in honor of World Poetry Day. No poem has revolutionized my life, but I enjoy poetry more and more as I grow older. Like most art forms, it seems to do … Continue reading

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Imposter Syndrome

A gem of an essay at Aeon: ‘Impostor syndrome’ describes a problem I don’t especially wish to solve. Its remedy is to recognise that one does in fact belong. Yet I can’t convince myself I want to fully belong – … Continue reading

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We knew full well he was a snake

I suggested soon after the 2016 elections that something big was happening, though I’d barely began to understand it. It feels timely to take another look now. Trump has co-opted “movement conservatism” almost completely. Former “never Trump” conservatives in many … Continue reading

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