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This one Grow’d Like Topsy

Corporate religion Your Federal Government at work The Emperor finally gets his new clothes This started as whimsy

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Thanksgiving bonus

Economic “science” – in the service of human ends Linda Greenhouse, obscurantist Bill Clinton, Medal of Freedom awardee The best thing about Czech communists And don’t you forget it!

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Who vandalized the Old Testament?!

I read a very good devotional Monday on Wisdom of Solomon 5:15 – 6:3. I wanted to share it, together with an excerpt from this book of the Bible. But I couldn’t find a hypertext English version online, and therein … Continue reading

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Wednesday, 11/27/13

Pope Tony declares anathema Who stole the Old Testament?! Egalité Über Alles Redesign

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Monday 11/25/13

“Airports as non-places” FWIW: Faceless Gays Culture of violence and hatred? Spiritual hunger will express itself one way or another Inauspicious debut Home Alone Jesus the Marxist lackey

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More, obliquely, on The Common Core

I was assembling over several days some clippings for another set of Tasty Tidbits when I saw a common theme emerging from two of them. Truth has many facets. 1 Brave New World is a work of genius, a phrase almost … Continue reading

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Sunday 11/24/13

Ears good; eyes, nose, tongue, touch bad Seven Protestant Sacraments? When is a change of affiliation a “conversion”? Religious education in GB Scholar to the Common Man Ideas have consequences antecedents Shouldn’t that be enough?

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Saturday 11/23/13

G.K. Chesterton on SSM(!?) The subliminal message of life-and-death “autonomy” Religious freedom and sexual revolution again Last gasp of liberalism?

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Friday Full House, 11/22/13

The Cheney Kerfuffle Modern Ecclesial Miracle The sorry saga of John Freshwater Critics and kindred slackers Low-down liars Where are the successors? An oddly familiar myth You don’t see this every day

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Common Core Initiative

One of the Great Shibboleths of our culture is the obligation of “educated” people to have opinions about everything. Perhaps I’m dating myself by not saying “was” instead of “is.” Maybe the grand shrug “whatever” means the person has no opinion. … Continue reading

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