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Friday 12/30/16

Theocracy in Alabama; Crossing chemistry and computing; Scapegoating Peter Thiel; Liberal Arts; The hack narrative: set & bipartisan; more Continue reading

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Thursday 12/29/16

The Islamic menu; Immigration; What’s wrong with Wendell Berry?; A Team of Hard-Liners; Divisive versus Controversial; How Women in Media Blew the Election Coverage Continue reading

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Wednesday 12/28/16

Conformity; The Temptation of Every Civilization; Them wicked crackers are at it again; Christmas Scandals now and then Continue reading

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Feast of St. Stephen

Middle East Christians; How dare a Baptist spokesman have integrity?; How muddy are the waters now?; Obama’s Russia Record; Racist Cracker Litmus Test; Potability Report Continue reading

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Xmas, Observed (U.S.) 2016

Merry Xmas to all the not-even-Easter-and-Christmas folks, who I trust are faithfully observing Xmas today as our government has decreed. (You can look that up on your calendar.) Continue reading

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Christmas 2016

All join to praise this holy feast, beholding the Godhead here on earth, and man in heaven. Continue reading

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Nativity 2017

Immensity cloistered in thy dear womb, Now leaves his welbelov’d imprisonment, There he hath made himself to his intent Weak enough, now into our world to come; But Oh, for thee, for him, hath th’Inne no roome? Yet lay him … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 2016

Kristof and Keller; Pieper on Sophistry; Joel Salatin’s Benediction; Unpollable; Zero-Sum America Continue reading

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Friday 12/23/16

O Emmanuel; Religious pluralism has its benefits; Our strange, strange human race; 83 to 55 versus 5 to 122; “Protecting against Islamophobia”; Are anti-SLAPP laws of any use whatever? Continue reading

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Thursday 12/22/16

Rex Gentium Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus Things Jesus Never Said Solstice Legal Year in Review Why Russell Moore Matters Doubling down Men Who Give, Women Who Care

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