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John Huntsman leads the lemmings

I fear that John Huntsman may just be the first of many GOP Presidential hopefuls to endorse same-sex marriage. The logic is simple: The game is over; defenders of traditional marriage have lost whether they know it or not. The … Continue reading

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Larry Norman

Joel Miller blogged that this is the 5th anniversary of the death of Larry Norman, a giant in Christian Rock — who I not only met, but transported, all by my little ole’ self in my Volkswagen, from the Peoria Airport to … Continue reading

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Return of the Grab bag

If not Natural Law, then what? Who wants the “Conservative” label today? It takes so little to bend minds today. Religion coverage sites. Obamacare Precis.

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On not going away mad

I wrote yesterday about the “conversion (to Orthodoxy) story” of Father John Whiteford, who influenced my conversion from a much different Protestant tradition. Today, I want to share a few more excerpts of his story. So while at [Southern Nazarene University], … Continue reading

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To make no new contribution to theology

I have written before about the role a monograph by Father John Whiteford (then a Deacon, not a Priest) had in my becoming Orthodox. Now, he has published the story of how he moved from Nazarene to Orthodox, which was … Continue reading

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High Anxiety

The few traditionalist Catholics within my social circle breathed a sigh of relief when Benedict XVI succeeded John Paul II. Now Pope Benedict is resigning. The anxiety resumes.

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Impeach Judge Polster

News from last week: The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Ohio announced that on Friday 16 defendants were sentenced on hate crime charges growing out of a series of assaults on members of a rival Amish group in which … Continue reading

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Are you sure, Mr. President? Are you sure, Mr. President II? Christian Themes in Harry Potter

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Hate groups and more

Teflon Southern Poverty Law Center Pariah Westboro Baptist Church Kunstler’s back (not a hate group)

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The French way with words

The local paper Tuesday picked up a Fort Wayne News Sentinel column that made an interesting point about the Culture Wars. The author, a “conservative with strong libertarian leanings — or a libertarian with strong conservative underpinnings,” noted that despite … Continue reading

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