Hate groups and more

    1. Teflon Southern Poverty Law Center
    2. Pariah Westboro Baptist Church
    3. Kunstler’s back (not a hate group)


An ideological group publishes a map identifying enemy groups, including one in Washington, DC. True to the script, Floyd Lee Corkins II picked an evil group from the map, went there with his gun and shot people.

Except the script is supposed to apply to be acted out by right wing groups and their zombie followers. The ideological group here, though, was the Southern Poverty Law Center, a left group. The map was a “hate map,” identifying the Family Research Council as an anti-gay group. Corkins specifically testified that he picked FRC from the SPLC Map. He was carrying a list with other SPLC targets.

I thought I should mention it since you’ll not see it in mainstream media. Not like you saw rank speculation in many respectable quarters that Sarah Palin had in effect put out an order for assassination of Gabby Gifford.

Well, when I first read the Washington Post story on his plea, it didn’t even mention the group. It also had some typos so I figured that it was a very early story and decided to hold for a day. The story has since been updated, mostly about … gun control, to include this curious phrase:

A detail sure to reignite the culture wars that erupted around the shooting is the fact that Corkins told FBI agents that he identified the Family Research Council as anti-gay on the Web site of the Southern Poverty Law Center. The day after the shooting, Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, suggested that the law center’s labeling of the organization as a hate group had given Corkins a “license to perpetrate this act of violence.” On Wednesday, Perkins said the revelation had validated his earlier comments.

Emphasis mine. Excuse me? What is that supposed to mean? I mean, you have anactualshooting in the culture war — an actual shooting — and you dismiss this aspect of the story as a “detail” that is “sure to reignite the culture wars”? The gall. The chutzpah. The …. hypocrisy of our media. The story doesn’t mention, by the way, that the shooter had a list with other groups whose names he got from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

(Mollie at GetReligion)


It’s hard – no, it’s absurd – to think of labeling Playboy “hard core pornography” after you’ve seen Hustler even once. By the same token, it’s pretty goofy to call Family Research Council an anti-gay “hate group” after you’ve seen Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church, of “God Hates Fags” infamy. (But labeling opponents “haters” is part of the script, too.)

The sliming you get from seeing Hustler fades quickly compared to the total ontological immersion in slime of people with the misfortune of being descended from Fred Phelps, the “Pastor” of the Westboro hate cult, and consequently being raised in the incestuous little PR factory.

Two of those Phelps descendants have left – one is tempted to say “escaped,” since packing their things and leaving was a concomitant of changing their minds on the extremity of grandpa’s ravings.

They’re not atheists, though, nor exactly liberals. One recently attended a Reformed Church in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

But they are kind of young, and kind of lost, trying to find an adequate worldview that isn’t dogmatically certain of things above their pay grade (e.g., the eternal fate of any departed soul – yes, any departed soul – be it fag, fag-lover, or soldier defending the great America fag regime) or dogmatically relativist. Talk about “carrying a lot of baggage”! One good repentance can get rid of the guilt, but the guilt feelings tend to keep coming back, and while a little doubt is healthy, doubting everything is impossible. One needs at least a couple of square feet of firm ground to stand on.

Pray for the handmaidens of God, Megan and Grace. May they indeed find grace and sanity.

(Another Orthodox take on the story.)


The Kunstlercast is back! James Howard Kunstler is a curmudgeon about my age, but seemingly in worse health and less attuned to technology. When his trusty sidekick Duncan Crary rode off into the sunset to get a real job, the podcasts went silent for a while, though with the promise that Kunstler would be back even if he had to do it himself.

Well, he did it himself, and did it well, drawing on his roots as a reporter for Rolling Stone decades ago to conduct an adept interview with the very impressive Nicole Foss of TheAutomaticEarth.com.

This is very well worth a listen, maybe at half speed instead of double, as Foss speaks quickly and fluently of many of our economic trouble spots.

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3 thoughts on “Hate groups and more

  1. “The map was a “hate map,” identifying the Family Research Council as an anti-gay group.”

    What on earth did the FRC do to incur such ire? Aren’t they a cuddly bunch of traditional marriage supporters who merely disagree – civilly and respectfully – with the idea of gay marriage?

    Nope. Here’s why they made the dreaded list and map.

    No one should be shot for having and propagating hateful beliefs. But let’s call them what they are, lest we be correctly accused of defending or whitewashing their vile propaganda. Let’s also not forget that the SPLC map was not in itself an incitement to violence. It was missing things like crosshairs on sitting members of Congress and an exhortation by Sarah Palin to “Don’t retreat- RELOAD!”

    1. Go ahead, gentle reader. Follow Lucy’s link. It was just one click further than my link to the “hate map.” By no means do I endorse all that Tony Perkins has said over the years, especially in fundraising letters (how I hate them – it’s as if the command against bearing false witness doesn’t apply there, and both sides do it), but is it “hate”?

  2. John, I would think that spreading false propaganda about a minority group (accusing them of criminal activity as a class, demonizing them, advocating for their unequal treatment under the law) is indeed hate.

    People who write what many will read have an obligation to the truth. It’s not just “another opinion” on the subject. Lies destroy lives.

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