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Shacking up

How should moral conservatives marry in our Brave New World? Continue reading

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Potpourri 6/19/17

Is Trump a hypocrite? Is Jack Phillips a homophobe? Does World sift the news competently? Do free speech exceptions empower the powerless? Continue reading

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Potpourri 6/28/17

Sating the superstitions and desires of the recently de-Christianized and much more. Continue reading

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From the pages of the WSJ

I don’t much need a paper whose editorial board so often takes hallucinogens before expostulating against the heartland. Continue reading

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Potpourri 6/27/17

No worse than everyone else Worldview testing redux Tracking the ominous oddities Hear no evil dissent

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Christian Worldview® processing

Christian Worldview® Education Putting Choice First Benedict or Constantine?

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I blame Trump

“… would you not think that in that country something had gone wrong with the appetite for food?” Continue reading

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Be of Good Cheer

Remember: Phoenix arose from ashes. Continue reading

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Potpourri 6/23/17

I keep coming up with collections that only can be called potpourri or equivalent. Continue reading

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Cultural Liturgies

Ben Sasse meets James K.A. Smith. Whose liturgies do you trust? Continue reading

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