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Jason Peters on the Krustian sell-a-bration of Eester

Item 983 on my growing list of reasons I’m blessed to have stumbled onto Orthodox Christianity. This kind of stuff, I’m afraid, is the entropic eventuality of Protestantism. We experienced it as “Worship Wars” in my Protestant church before I … Continue reading

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Cigarettes, terror, and Barack Obama: Glamour is Serious Stuff

So many insights, so little time! Virginia Postrel at the Weekly Standard writes of “the deeper meaning of glamour,” opening with an anecdote about a C-Span Booknotes watcher who was disappointed that she was involved with the website “DeepGlamour” instead … Continue reading

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14 years on death row

I wrote about my position on the death penalty a few weeks ago. I won’t even say “coincidentally” because stories like this are so common (I do not go looking for them), but conservative columnist Jacob Sullum writes about a … Continue reading

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A Myth in the Making

Because Shelby Steele is a scholar instead of a pundit, he usually has something worth saying when he speaks up. Just so this column, Barack the Good, from tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal. Teasers: Mr. Obama wants to be—above all else—a … Continue reading

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After the Market State: Phillip Blond on the Future of a Free Society

I must pass along an important lecture which summarizes the direction my thought has been heading in politically. Society and the private sphere have become increasingly monopolized by the state and the market, which seem inadequate for dealing with increasing economic … Continue reading

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I don’t mind singing in an empty Church

Well, technically, I’m not sure the Church is ever really empty. There’s always that great cloud of witnesses. But apart from them, the Church is sometimes empty except for Priest and Cantor (me). We rarely have more than the “clergy” … Continue reading

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America at 2050 – and 400 millionsub

Another voice of economic optimism for the U.S. to counter my pessimism, Joel Kotkin thinks the next hundred million Americans, mostly immigrants, will be our economic salvation. But he thinks these folks – who won’t necessarily be very upwardly-mobile – … Continue reading

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Is economics really a science at all?

David Brooks at the New York Times describes the history of modern economics as a 5-act play. We’re in act IV currently. In The Wall Street Journal, Russ Roberts of George Mason University wondered why economics is even considered a … Continue reading

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Tiger Amadeus Woods: A Lenten Meditation

It started with Jason Peters rewriting William Blake. Then John Willson performed a dental colostomy* on Tiger, with FPR contributor Jeffrey Polet, I and at least a few others taking exception to what we thought was an extremely harsh tone. … Continue reading

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