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Meet the Modern Research University

What we value and what really isn’t even on our radar. Continue reading

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Thursday 7/31/14

Is their any science behind the bullying hysteria?; Science versus who’s Religion?; Beauty Will Save the World; Bipartisan Pox Resolution Continue reading

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Wednesday, 7/30/14

Gun-protected nonviolence; AmConMag goes NewUrb; Short Stories; GOP responds bellicosely, as usual; Feminazi nolo plea; 30 pieces of silver; Cosmic Butterfly Effect Continue reading

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Tuesday, 7/29/14

At 9:03 pm 49 years ago today, yours truly ran his motorcycle into the side of an automobile, dropping 15 pounds in the subsequent month of “eating” through a straw. Also, it’s Prince Charles’ and Princess Di’s Anniversary. Today’s blog has nothing to do with either, but I couldn’t think of an apt summary. Continue reading

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Sunday 7/27/14

A world full of first-week 1Ls Where does your logic lead? Excessively rational? NYT’s dehumanizing reductionism Factoids about the Faith and Family Folks Kudos to the ignorant but sincere freak When is a Speech Plagiarized? A long line of bad … Continue reading

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Saturday, 7/26/14

Neo-fascist pseudo-liberals at the New York Times and more, including sanity from Elder Epiphanios Continue reading

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Wednesday, 7/24/14

Four items on, more or less, living well, plus two tidbits on flakes or fascists. Continue reading

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Emperor Barry’s Religious Establishment

Emperor Barry decrees that the Feds henceforth will only do business with religious progressives, as only they faithfully believe new sexual orthodoxies. Plus the deceptively sober ravings of a sexual heretic. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 7/22/14

Some counterintuitive claims or questions you might do well to heed, the fate of Christians West and Middle East, the wisdom of bodies and a truism that’s perniciously false. Continue reading

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Monday, 7/21/14

From startlingly dumb to startlingly true Continue reading

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