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Monday, 7/31/17

Carried away by bad doctrine Woody Allen, Blake, Grigory Rasputin Warren Farha’s oeuvre

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Words, words, words

Is “profane” le mot juste for Scarammuci’s tirade? Freedom of which: “worship” or “religion”? The mysterious disappearance of positive tradition in certain Bibles. Continue reading

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Saturday 7/29/17

Almost all political, but not too ranty. Continue reading

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Timely today. Tomorrow, who knows?

These just won’t feel timely tomorrow, by which time, deo volente, President Mike Pence will be making his moving plans. Continue reading

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Mélange 7/28/17

Lessons from Dunkirk, millennials, and a very funny guy who grew up in Mississippi. More. Continue reading

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Mélange 7/27/17

Four items on LBGT-related themes, plus bioethics and Russian disinformation Continue reading

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Healthcare dysfunction

Behold! A common (if incohesive) theme emerges from the muck! Could it be intelligently designed? Continue reading

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Potpourri, 7/25/17 (evening)

Is the denoument near? O.J., historic figure; religion & rationality; ranking existential threats; more … Continue reading

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Miscellany 7/25/17

Put God in your debt Ritual makes us humane But at least we have those screens of various sizes Old books

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A Clash of Huntingtons

Clashing civilizations and four more Continue reading

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