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The virtue least able to stand alone

Children reveal our instinct for fairness, the root concept in the virtue of justice. Of course, as every parent knows, that instinct is often distorted, with the desire for fairness being expressed only as “fairness for me.” Justice is a … Continue reading

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Wednesday, 11/15/17

The True Theologian Eradicating stereotypes Post-Liberalism Richard Wilbur Economic and political heresy at First Things Bourgeois Religion Remedy for Ruination Twitter commentary

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Words, words, words

Is “profane” le mot juste for Scarammuci’s tirade? Freedom of which: “worship” or “religion”? The mysterious disappearance of positive tradition in certain Bibles. Continue reading

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Waxing theological

Christian Smith’s “pervasive interpretive pluralism” and its critics. The traffic congestion at “the heart of the Gospel.” Continue reading

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Channeling the Tradition

I’ve been out of blogging commission for a week because of vacation with a strangely buggy internet connection. Everything worked, albeit a bit slowly, except my WordPress blogging platform, which consistently wouldn’t let me save my work and presumably wouldn’t … Continue reading

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A life in a string of epiphanies

I’ve been blogging now for more than seven years, and religion has been a frequent topic. But I’m pretty sure I’ve never set out an orderly account of my religious pilgrimage or explained just what my beefs are with the Christian traditions … Continue reading

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The paradox of chosen tradition

Stop after three if you’re sick of politics. Continue reading

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When “autonomy” is a rhetorical ruse

Autonomy as rhetorical ruse, agnotology’s modern avatar, SPLC’s bigoted blacklist, and more, including my expectations from The Benedict Option. Continue reading

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Public accommodation throw-down

Anti-Democratic; Public Accommodations; Ya can’t give what ya don’t got; Is Augustine among the synergists?; Like a Seurat Continue reading

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Friday 12/9/16

Word of mouth; The oral argument that cost Democrats the presidency; The Moral Matrix; Nicholas of Myra: aggression, hate speech, dogwhistling, and exploitative tendencies; Post-truth = Populist Continue reading

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