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Democrat face-plant

I generally avert my eyes from Trump, so crazed is he. Peggy Noonan can’t, and saw something unexpected — maybe epic. Continue reading

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Monday, 11/27/17

A couple of things with a little substance plus some cut-and-paste fun items. Continue reading

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Friday, 11/17/17

Anthropomorphic theology What are freedoms for? Neologism of the century Who cares if WaPo is out to get Roy Moore? Observable, empirical reality Why Roy Moore will win William Jefferson Clinton, persona non grata Unethical to have babies?

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France & America

  France and America are countries linked at birth and have always seen in each other funhouse-mirror visions of the other, and they have used the other to try to understand themselves. Writers such as Alexis de Tocqueville in the … Continue reading

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Grab Bag 7/17/17

A polemic sandwich on poetry. Continue reading

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Better than everyone else

Yesterday was cathartic. No rants today, not even #2. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Day 2016

In the Gnostic Dream world History doesn’t repeat, but … Nationalisms There oughta be a law How privacy gets lost

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Friday 9/2/16

Electoral College; You’re so lame (you probably think this même is about you); Stay, Marco, stay!; Garbage-can literature; SETI; National Right to Life (sigh!) endorses Trump; Landmark political day Continue reading

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Inflammatory Rhetoric

Double standards Defending Mr. Obama Hue’s picturing him now? You’ve never seen everything

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Saturday, 5/7/16

I’ve had it with people who shout and demean, from Judge Judy to Evangelical motivational speakers. Other stuff sandwiched between, including the GOP’s abasement. Continue reading

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