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A distinctly American counterfeit

How, not that, America’s Jews turned blue is a cautionary tale. Continue reading

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Saturday, 11/18/17

  Guard-rails An Orthodox Jewish perspective on religious freedom Quite a gambit Roman J. Israel, Esq.

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Thursday, 9/14/17

One mediator … Straight Talk for College Women Righteous – but not a “leader”? Detoxifying the college mix Fake news statistics Missing a religion-suffused human interest story World Ends: Woman and Minorities Hardest Hit

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Dreher the Nominalist?

Busy week. Light blogging today. Continue reading

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The Problem with …

The Problems with: both Liberalism and Conservatism; both Big Boxes and Amazon; religious/ethnic markers. Continue reading

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Compelling Interests

Compelling Interests; Dating Season for the Boobies; Choreographing gay weddings; Without FISA, the creeps have nowhere to hide; Earth First!; The Power of Engaging the Other; Is anti-semitism really escalating?; Driven to distraction by mindfulness Continue reading

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Saturday 2/18/17

A potpourri, but the first two are the most important, it seems to me. Continue reading

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Friday 12/30/16

Theocracy in Alabama; Crossing chemistry and computing; Scapegoating Peter Thiel; Liberal Arts; The hack narrative: set & bipartisan; more Continue reading

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Tuesday 12/6/16

“Don’t say another word, Mitch.” It only empowers the hoaxers. Other provocations, including “Social ecology,” “When the source matters more than the truth” and “Making the tenant the landlord.” Continue reading

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Tuesday, 8/9/16

The Anti-Discrimination Religion; Sewage and Wine; Dialogue; Essential, contingent and normal generic statements; Religious humanism’s bad odor. Continue reading

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