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Pick your horse

Roe v. Wade promised that the states could do a lot to prefer childbirth over abortion, and I’m all in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood,

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What human being ever gave God something He didn’t already have? Stay tuned for the answer after this break, brought to you by Christianity as it was believed and practiced for 1500 years.

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The Gospel in HOW many words?!

Will Campbell, formerly a hero of mine (I’ve not kept up with him), was taunted by a skeptical friend to summarize his “simple Gospel” in ten words or less.

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Westboro Ba*t*** Church

Who wants people to hate God and go to hell? Satan and Westboro Ba*t*** Church, that’s who.

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Seeing through things

I’m not a big fan of heartwarming internet stories. In fact, when I first read this story, and again when I saw the video a while ago, my first reaction was snarky. I still haven’t wet a hanky over it:

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