Tuesday, 7/28/15

  1. Kunstler on his “Potemkin Party”
  2. Something profoundly unnatural
  3. They’re dying for our sins
  4. Don’t give them an inch
  5. Atheist/Creationist symbiosis
  6. Not my little corner of the world

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First Things Dump (with bonus track)

I’ve read the new First Things. That means the old one should be entirely up online now.

Let’s see, now …

Yup. Time for a First Things dump. (Items 5 though 8 may not yet be available if you’re not a subscriber; they’re from the current issue.)

  1. Our Carrie Nation
  2. The Metaphysical Revolution
  3. Speaking of Hysteria
  4. The Power Elite
  5. Protestant, Catholic, Jew
  6. The Americanization of ­Christianity
  7. Facing the Unborn
  8. Is the Para male or female?
  9. Bonus track

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Thursday, 7/23/15

  1. “Dating”
  2. Disciplinary Bulverism at EEOC
  3. Misplaced outrage
  4. Fiorina sizzles
  5. Stump the Chump, Atheist Edition
  6. Dear Pastor
  7. Tony v. Tony smackdown
  8. The Donald does Church

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Tuesday, 7/21/15

  1. Consistency
  2. Education in the new America
  3. Obergefell’s substantive due process
  4. Greek conservatives and leftists both vindicated
  5. Proto-libertarianism in America
  6. Divorcing economics and ethics
  7. Freeloaders
  8. The Straight and Narrow

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Saturday, 7/18/15

  1. Today’s top heresies
  2. More blameworthy than honest dissent
  3. Heavy and selective editing
  4. Homogeneity reduces dissent
  5. More like a pinball than an arrow

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