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Friday, 7/31/15

Code-fetishists, GOP’s lust for pottage, brutality adjacent policing, will progressives do The Full Diederot?, and more. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 7/28/15

“Our way of life has shot its wad,” “there is something profoundly unnatural about strangers engaging in the most intimate of physical acts” & more Continue reading

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Special Answers Edition

Do Christians and Muslims worship different gods? Is Obergefell the new Roe v. Wade? Actual answers instead of just questions. Imagine that! Continue reading

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First Things Dump (with bonus track)

Time for a First Things dump. Continue reading

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Apocalypse tomorrow, dinner tonight

Not so dark as others recently, plus an upbeat ending. Continue reading

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We are what we hate, 7/24/15

Peter Leithart neatly ties together today’s items, so let’s call it a wrap. Continue reading

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Thursday, 7/23/15

Another full house potpourri. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 7/21/15

A full house, mostly quotes — but there’s a juicy part where I come out as a madman. Surely nobody can believe what I say, right? Continue reading

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Saturday, 7/18/15

Today’s top heresies More blameworthy than honest dissent Heavy and selective editing Homogeneity reduces dissent More like a pinball than an arrow

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Wednesday, 7/15/15

A Canon Lawyer’s take on SSM We piped for you … Moderation in all blogs? Morality as aesthetic habituation

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