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Clearing the clipboard

I’ll be very busy for the next ten day so I’m clearing my clipboard:

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Can’t get away from it

I wasn’t going to pass this along, but after the arrest of the bombing suspect in Florida, I heard our President bloviating, and the feelings came rushing back. The most fundamental moral principle in the universe may well be: “You … Continue reading

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Do it right

David French deals too gently, for my tastes, with the absurd histrionics of the New York Times and now the Washington Post on the meaning of “sex” in Title IX. (It’s apparent to me now that our elites distinguish wicked, … Continue reading

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Merrick Garland died for Harry Reid’s sins

I mentally checked out of the GOP in 2005, which was the best I could do since Indiana doesn’t register voters by party. So I feel no keen interest in defending its wiles and works. On the other hand, I’m … Continue reading

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Ain’t that just like life for ya?

Concrete instance: So over the weekend President Trump made liberal heads explode by…proposing to return Title IX rules to the way they were before President Obama changed them … The truth is that this sort of confrontation was bound to … Continue reading

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A modest way of being Christian

Under the Midgleys, I came to see that explanation is not always like the foundations of a building, keeping it up – as if, without a proper explanation, the building falls. On the contrary, an explanation is a way of … Continue reading

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Peter Principle update

One comment on a prominent figure named to a post “not in his wheelhouse.” Then comment (sigh) about an infinitely more prominent figure and his inadequacies. Continue reading

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Picohontas, Paul Allen and more

1 I’ve been watching “alternate” and “independent” news sites, left and right, for a week or two. From a “right-wing” site (that seems to have gotten what I consider an unduly bad rap) comes the term Picohontas, with a reminder … Continue reading

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Heather MacDonald, Andrew Sullivan, and a bit from me. Continue reading

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Audiotape of an exorcism

Peggy Noonan has returned from some kind of sabbatical! Continue reading

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