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How To Avoid Being Called A Russian Agent Online

Caitlin Johnstone, a down-under very-lefty, waives copyright. Her offering today made it irresistible to copy her, wholesale:

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Political Potpourri 1/11/19

The Wall (not Pink Floyd), Bigotries Right and Left, plus Alexandria Oscasio Palin-Cortez Continue reading

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Emollients (I hope)

1 I would find it more convincing that Trump is “shaking up his administration,” as the press reports every day or two, if they’d first report the deep complacency that needs roiling. (I just haven’t noticed that on my own.) … Continue reading

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Picohontas, Paul Allen and more

1 I’ve been watching “alternate” and “independent” news sites, left and right, for a week or two. From a “right-wing” site (that seems to have gotten what I consider an unduly bad rap) comes the term Picohontas, with a reminder … Continue reading

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Friday, part II, 9/21/18

Sundries to get off my desk. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 9/11/18

A secular source pays homage to Orthodox Christianity, a liberal legislator does a rare and honorable thing, comments on SCOTUS confirmation, and some odds’n’ends. Continue reading

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How Trump seduced the Evangelicals

U.S.—The vast majority of the nation’s evangelical Christians stressed Friday that they were “this close” to abandoning their support of Donald Trump as they coped with a seemingly endless string of moral scandals surrounding the president. “I swear, if 197 … Continue reading

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Sneaky buggers

Overheard (after a fashion): Did you know that Greyhouse was a Christian coffee house? No! Shouldn’t they warn people?! That one gets better after it (tea warning) steeps a while (end tea warning). * * * * * Some succinct … Continue reading

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Saturday, 12/2/17

Politics, yes, but also good news on the energy front and some superb auto writing. Continue reading

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Tryptophan reading

The stuff I omitted in this morning’s post. Continue reading

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