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Tighten up, now

I would like to call attention to the Religion News Service report that was posted with this headline: “Employees quit American Bible Society over sex and marriage rules.” The overture is quite strong: (RNS) — One of the oldest nonprofit … Continue reading

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Phobias coming all-too-soon

Occasionally, someone writes something very good, but with deep flaws. Such, it seems to me, is Joseph Pearce’s Does Love Have No Boundaries? at the Imaginative Conservative. I listened to Pearce for several hours in January at the Eighth Day … Continue reading

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I’ve been reading an awful lot of what might be called generically, #MeToo stories, and more specifically #ChurchToo stories. The most recent, and the most powerful, at least subjectively, was Jake Meador’s reflection at Mere Orthodoxy, but then my next … Continue reading

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Progressive clobber passages

A Facebook exchange a few years ago produced a minor epiphany. I observed that my Facebook friend, a high school classmate at an Evangelical boarding school (who now has expressly apostasized and gone kind of New Agey and knee-jerk Left), … Continue reading

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Fr. Stephen snippets

A Prayer to Our Lord Jesus Christ My most merciful and all-merciful God, O Lord Jesus Christ! In Thy great love, Thou didst come down and become flesh in order to save all. Again, I pray Thee, save me by … Continue reading

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Paragons of … er, virtue?

I truly don’t think the Left understands how the relentless drumbeat of sexual scandal looks to Americans outside the progressive bubble. Left-dominated quarters of American life — Hollywood, the media, progressive politics — have been revealed to be havens for … Continue reading

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[H]uman freedom, properly understood, tries to resist the forces of utility that devalue human beings. [Patrick] Deneen said he lead at Notre Dame a class on the idea of utopia, from ancient days until now. At the end, he polled … Continue reading

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