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Tuesday July 31, 2102

What’s a liberal arts education without poetry? Satan, in Paradise Lost. Is it schismatic not to commune schismatics? Fukuyama on Rooseveltian Republicanism. Slow Money. Built Environment. Mark T. Mitchell on the même of “culture wars.” Freedom of Worship, Freedom of … Continue reading

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Monday Meanderings and an Announcement, 7/30/12

Why Capitalism Has An Image Problem. Your tax dollars at work. Best thing said about Mitt last week. Putting off parenthood for pleasure. Will the Barbarian Politicians shift the Overton Window? MYOB, Moreno. Tipsy is evolving. 1 Charles Murry, who … Continue reading

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Lord’s Day, 7/29/12

My heart is heavy with the weight of things of which I may not yet speak. Were I free to speak of them, I have no proper words of my own.           THE SECOND COMING Turning and turning … Continue reading

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Saturday, 7/28/12

Citizens United. Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day (and invisible Christians). I bet my life on that. What will embarrass you in 20 years? Same-sex attraction as “Eucatastrophe.” Reed Heustis was half right. 1 I’m not a fan of the Citizens United SCOTUS … Continue reading

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Thursday thoughts 7/26/12

A Prayer in Time of Drought. Situational Libertarianism. Evil ramifies. At the end of development’s first life-cycle. Does Christianity evolve?

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Friday follies 7/27/12

If you think this soup lacks a theme, you’re probably right. But it’s got a lot of flavors I hope you’ll find interesting. Batman → Massacre? Olympics open. “Compassion and rationality are such a drag.” A confession. Sally Ride’s Unforbidden Love. … Continue reading

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Wednesday wanderings 7/25/12

Many Worlds? Obamacons. Auto-shaped ecclesiology.

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Tuesday Tidbits 7/24/12

If it walks like a duck …. Taxing innumeracy. The NCAA is shocked, simply shocked. Social entropy. What’s a pious Olympian to do?

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Monday Potpourri 7/23/12

A silver lining of drought. Hard measures or torture? Kelo scrubbed up and baptized. Blaming the victim in Kentucky. TMI from The Enablers. Movement conservatism and, what, crypto-liberals? Bonus.

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Lord’s Day thoughts 7/22/12

What moves you? Homo logikos. A transvaluation of values that’s wearing a bit old. Do we need, and does there exist, another kind of capitalism? Higgs boson. Technology lesson of the day.

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