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Surveillance capitalism creeps me out. I don’t control my lights, door locks, or anything else by speaking commands to my 1st-generation Amazon Echo. Indeed, I shut the microphone off about a year ago and I only use it like a … Continue reading

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Men thrashing women – a deathwork

“Letting men compete as women simply if they change their name and take hormones is unfair — no matter how those athletes may throw their weight around,” the 62-year-old Navratilova wrote. “[T]he rules on trans athletes reward cheats and punish … Continue reading

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Clearing the clipboard

I’ll be very busy for the next ten day so I’m clearing my clipboard:

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More potpourri

Mostly nothing-in-particular, although recent civic history factors in. Continue reading

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Saturday Potpourri 8/25/18

2020 visions, clergy crises, grand juries, Anabaptists, “transformational” flakes and soccer. Pretty diverse, I’d say. Continue reading

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Pet Peeve Venting

The NCAA Men’s tournament, which I’m still watching despite Purdue’s loss to Texas Tech, has been flooded with offensive, aggressive ads. Forget the dueling ads for Johnson County Sheriff. And forget the loud ads for Samsung’s newest phone. They’re dumb, … Continue reading

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Monday, 12/4/17

Relaxed Sunday, away from computer, found internet down when I returned home, and I need to get up very early Monday. Here’s what I’ve got, over an iPhone WiFi hotspot. Continue reading

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Saturday Potpourri 2

This may mean “no blog tomorrow.” We’ll see. Continue reading

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Filicide Tryptich

How to kill your children spiritually. Continue reading

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Where fun goes to die

As kickoff approaches, thoughts on education. Continue reading

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