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Teachable Moments

Civil Unions by another name Distinctly Orthodox Marriage Prohibited Marriages in Orthodoxy Meanwhile, from the purveyors of stultification The Pill Did It In the Bedroom With Pleasure

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That was the week that was

Status vs. Conduct Pro Tip for Aspiring Social Scientists If marriage were only about celebrating love Doin’ what comes Naturally Begging the question Seeing the other guy’s point Bonus track

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More on SCOTUS arguments

More social science WEIRDness Rausch on 4 options, 4 problems

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WEIRDness, Ecumenical Councils and the Marriage Institution

How WEIRD we are! Ecumenical Councils and the Marriage Debate Cornerstone or Capstone? De-institutionalizing marriage Here comes the groom, then and now

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Marriage Special Edition

Marriage I Marriage II On this auspicious Day 1 of Supreme Court arguments on DOMA and Proposition 8, I bring some thoughts on marriage that are not, at least in the second case, like anything I’ve written before on the … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tidbits

Why the future never shocks us Sad, terrible, destructive – no biggie RSS eaters unite! What’s a BubbleBrowser? Joe Biden is an ignorant blowhard.

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Sunday Subversions

R.C. Sproul, Nestorian? Who’s Redefining Religious Liberty? Class action scandle, scandlier than usual Drinking from an unfiltered fire hose

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Seven for Saturday

Mag wheels on a Gremlin Beauty crisis? Principles vs. Personal Interests Read between the lines Ta-Nehisi Coates’ near-death experience Passion Play spectacle Solidarity Hall

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Friday thoughts

Mysteries fulfilled 10th Anniversary lament How RINOs were born Upcoming SSM cases at SCOTUS

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Thursday miscellany

Lawyer humor Christian leaders then and now Incarnation and secularism Resolve in foreign policy

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