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Gaslighting Baptists

A substantial slice of my homeland continues to baffle me. Continue reading

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Potpourri, Solstice 2018

Mostly clippings, but a wee bit of original thought. Continue reading

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Clippings and commentary, 12/1/18

Andrew Sullivan was on fire yesterday. On this lousy grey day, I’ve found other bright spots on the net. Continue reading

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Potpourri, 11/15/18

1 I never really kissed dating goodbye as a teenager in the mid-2000s — to be honest, I was pretty late in kissing it hello. But like many who were brought up in contact with evangelical culture, I absorbed its … Continue reading

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Troll farming

“Have we ever tried to meddle in other countries’ elections?” Laura Ingraham asked former CIA Director James Woolsey this weekend. With a grin, Woolsey replied, “Oh, probably.” “We don’t do that anymore though?” Ingraham interrupted. “We don’t mess around in … Continue reading

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Tuesday, 9/12/17

The Empire of Mood over Mind We broke it … Qualitatively different dangers from right and left Bold, unflappable and wrong Planned Parenthood datapoints Everybody’s got a plan …

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Monday, 8/7/17

What’s wrong with the world (other than “I am”). Continue reading

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Mélange 7/28/17

Lessons from Dunkirk, millennials, and a very funny guy who grew up in Mississippi. More. Continue reading

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Trump, Russia, Poland and The West

I think I hit the sweet spot between anodyne and harsh. Continue reading

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What to do when nothing’s left to do

What to do when there’s no Plan B? Repent of Plan A, maybe? Two more. Continue reading

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