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Synaxis of the Ecumenical Teachers and Hierarchs 2016

Pretty short and to the point. Continue reading

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Friday 1/29/16

Driving out the middle Authentic American conservative Why Protestants can’t write A Christian in the White House Rebuilding Our what!? On video editing Capitalism shattered Two conservatisms

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Thursday, 1/28/16

Secularism The last word on Trump Aristotle, Socrates, Wendell Berry Is water wet? Foundations

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Tuesday, 1/26/16

Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft Spengler drops a bomb Real Christian life Resacramentalizing The trade-in society What “conservatism” has meant of late 24-hour news coverage

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Sunday, 1/24/16

Dogs and politics intrude on cultural imperialism and missionaries. Continue reading

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Friday, 1/22/16

The God beyond your head; What if matter matters?; The State of Disunion; Safe, legal, unlimited, subsidized; Worship songs; Noble lies and symbolic sacraments Continue reading

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Tuesday, 1/19/16

Unholy marriage; Worth dying for; Spiritual and Metaphysical; Correcting “civil rights” blather; Universal pornification; Standing advice update Continue reading

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Sunday, with Symposium wrap-up

A Pastor’s epiphany The distaff speak Rolling up sleeves Brighten the corner where you are Reading between a one-liner

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Friday travels

Affirmation from a Mensch; Evangelicalism at its Best; Leadership’s King; Punking Trump; Drive-by suicide Continue reading

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Thursday, 1/14/16

Old commonplace, now bigotry; Integrity notably absent; Wheaton’s “Same God” kerfuffle; Church of What’s Happenin’ Now weighs in on Bowie; Wish I’d written this Continue reading

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