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5 items & why I like ’em – Friday, 1/31/14

On Moralism Paying for a little companionship Victim impact statement run amok! The Immortal Soul doesn’t exist Olde Fashionede bloggeurs Weirdest little rag you never read

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Thursday, 1/30/14

Praise for Mediocre Art Interpretation as Art Hypocrisy as Art Corporatism and SSM Natural Law grossly misunderstood

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Wednesday 1/29/14

The vagaries of political English When siege mentality becomes perverse Don’t Cresent-Wrench the Iran Deal!

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Tuesday, 1/28/14

The one who dies with the most toys … Destroying Democracy Sanctionining Kiev Farmed and Dangerous Trusting science

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Monday, 1/27/14

Saint Jack Tendentious, unempathic hearsay composites Odd convert phenomena Dueling outrages at 50 yards

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Sunday, 1/26/14

STEM and Beauty Durn furriners and their furrin laws Richard Mouw wants no prophet’s mantle Death and Pregnancy in Indiana Can’t we just get along? Death, sanitized Marriage promotion as cargo cult

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Enshrining hate?

I couldn’t bear to watch Indiana Public TV Friday night. A couple of hours of PBS and WFYI public affairs coverage used to be my Friday evening routine. But last night, I knew that IWIR was going to be dominated … Continue reading

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Saturday, 1/25/15

Evacuate! The Canary’s Dead! Forced membership = Coerced political speech? Certified victimhood means complete editorial control Rudyard Kipling Does Wall Street Too Christian, Too Foreign …In love and war The Boys Who Cry Wolf Busy week with mental distractions left … Continue reading

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Rhetorical questions du jour, 1/23/14

What is it about culture war you don’t understand? Who’s really obsessed? Daddy: How do values get transvalued? What is it about “when hell freezes over” you don’t understand? Would you prefer Scylla or Charybdis?

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Wednesday, 1/22/14

Under-reported story Heartless crony capitalism

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