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Tuesday, 1/21/14

Polytheism in the Bible? MLK Day Thoughts Diplomacy ≠ Treachery Privyet! Veganomics

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Monday, 1/20/14

No place for conservatives in New York No place for conservatives in Woodstock Your free market at work Korematsu again? Penitential-Industrial Complex Efficiency or Diversity? Something surpassingly good from Kentucky

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Sunday, 1/19/14

Just 60 pregnant words Vainglory The King of I Whom the gods would destroy Must Burkeans be gradual about everything? European outlier Briefly noted When cyberspace gets real

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Heckler’s Veto

The pre-emptive Heckler’s Veto, the college “speech code,” lives: Alabama’s Troy University, a public institution, is one of two schools that earned the dubious honor of having promulgated Fire’s 2013 “Speech Codes of the Year.” (The other is Virginia State … Continue reading

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Saturday, 1/18/14

Nixonian. Vindictive. That’s the ticket Conservatives vs. Liberals Where to find diversity Bakken Millionaires Judging from the blogs, nothing of importance happened in the past day. Alternate explanation: Tipsy’s getting jaded or just saw enough people with real problems this … Continue reading

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Friday 1/1/14

Stinko Liberal Limbaugh When the fight turns stupid & boring Gratuitous and necessary violence Soft conservatives’ “cruel shunning” “Intimate partners”

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Cognitive Dissonance supplement 1/16/14

Pope Francis’ tone Theology vs. abundant life A bridge too far

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Thursday, 1/16/14

Half-fast response to TBTF Silver lining Icons, A.D. 235 Incense, A.D. 155 and 2014 Exodus Mandate? Etc.?

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Wenesday, 1/15/14

Pete Fountain of Youth Redeemed by emoticons Having and being Outsourcing the red button Change ≠ Reform

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Tuesday 1/14/14

Eternal life through architecture Little Sisters Victory: the Eventuality The incoherence of “equality” Catholic embourgeoisement

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