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Instant Sabbatical

A lot of stressors in ole Tipsy’s life right now, many involving too much work (which beats too little or unemployment). Grant unto me, O Lord, that with peace of mind I may face all that this new day is … Continue reading

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Wednesday, 5/28/14

Confronting our shame An Orthodox look at a Calvinist proof-text SLAPP and SFOIARAPP Sunday’s stunning dark horse election victories The subtlety of misdirection

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Tuesday, 5/27/14

A retired BBC Journalist enters the Church despite one very unusual problem. Continue reading

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Monday, 5/26/14

This almost could be called “Rusty Reno Day.” Continue reading

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Sunday nuggets, 5/25/14

Excerpting four commendable works of smart people PLUS a gratuitous swipe at “mind mapping meets Evernote.” Continue reading

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The Sunday of the Hoosier Prodigals

Today, the sixth Sunday of Pascha in the year 2014, we commemorate St. Mario the Pole, also called The Slowing Down, who contended annually in the arena with 32 fierce pagan charioteers before an innumerable host of boozy, bosomy infield babes, thus inciting many … Continue reading

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Is Orthodoxy a cult?

How does Orthodoxy stack up against Evangelical cult criteria? Continue reading

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Friday, 5/23/14

Peter Principle on display Cardinal Kasper, bomb-thrower May this be the last gasp Missing being born again Peter Leithart utters another fatuity

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Thursday, 5/22/14

NPR on Race versus Religion Obama’s Foreign Policy O wad some Power Out of date? “Me too” gets cloying

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Wednesday, 5/21/14

WaPo blows Rubio’s teachable moment Who’s your daddy? Forget the gorgeous new day; I see a cloud! One blessing of individualism Trigger warnings

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